Awnings are low on maintenance, but it is imperative to keep gutters clean of leaves and debris, using a hosepipe to flush gutters. The outside of the awning requires light cleaning with a wet cloth or car shampoo. Galvanized steel offers excellent protection against rust compared to mild steel but still requires some maintenance, and powder coating provides a more aesthetic appeal. Aluminium powder coated products offer a longer-lasting finish, also requiring little maintenance in coastal lying areas. Galvanized steel is guaranteed not to rust, and powder-coated aluminium has a lifetime finish.

Installing awnings, mainly patio covers and cabanas, is like adding a room to your house or commercial structure without a construction project’s cost, mess, and downtime. Awnings protect carpets, furniture, draperies, inventories, windows and doors from sun and rain damage.

In addition, awnings provide more comfortable living and working spaces, both inside and outside your home or building, as they keep temperatures down in the summer and keep surfaces dry in the winter. This results in both improved usage of existing space and reduced energy costs.

Although our products offer excellent rust resistance, some maintenance is required, like keeping the awning clean from leaves and debris that can rot and cause decay or clogging. Also, awnings are generally waterproof, but installations can, at times, not be completely watertight in certain instances, especially around many existing pipes on walls, etc. The front gutter is designed to overflow in heavy rains. More watertight products include our patio ceiling range.